Binaural 3D Sound

marte roel - 2014

I have been working extensively on various 3D-sound related projects, including an installation that allows users to explore soundscapes through their movement; this led me to merge with Daniel Gonzalez Franco’s 6DOS (Six Degrees of Sound), and is still an ongoing project that has been presented in multiple venues, including the Sonar festival in 2012. The latest presentation of this system was in Ecuador on August, 2013, accompanied by some 3D sound workshops that I taught. As part of my involvement in 3D audio, I conducted a research for the RGS (Rehabilitation Gaming System), a project hosted by the European Union; this research shows that there is an effect of movement on the perception of auditory 3D space, showing that auditory spatial perception and action are integrated at a neural level, and that it might be possible to stimulate patients with cognitive impairments in order to enhance their motor recovery. For this project I built a Unity-3D communication script, in order to use Csound’s binaural 3D-sound algorithms from within Unity 3D’s GUI (*note that it has only been tested using the latest version of Csound 5, and has shown to give errors when using Csound 6), this is a very useful tool that allows non-expert users to map visual 3D coordinates to auditory ones and can be downloaded here, it works on MacOS and Windows. Note that this type of 3D sound is binaural and uses the HRTF, in contrast to Unity 3D sound, which is much more limited. A detailed explanation of the system has been accepter for publication in the fall 2013 issue of the Csound journal.

You can also download a Max/MSP Binaural sound patch here, as well as a Max 4 Live patch here. There is also a version that includes user-tracking through the use of a Kinect (note that this version is for Mac, for a Windows version, please contact me). Note that all these files require Csound installed for running and that they have only been tested with Csound 5. For more information on these files, please contact me.

On the other hand, I have programmed various 3D sound systems for multiple artworks and continue to do so, including the Ominous Luminosity installation. Some of the applications that I have developed will be soon posted on this site.