My work lies in the convergence of art and science, understanding them as complementary bodies of knowledge under a holistic perspective of cognition; attempting to break certain existing epistemological hierarchies. Following these premises, my interest are communicating and understanding subjective experience; language, in particular prosody, and paralinguistic forms of communication such as emotional conveyance; play behaviour from a biocentric perspective; the trickery and manipulation of perception using exogenous means; and spatial cognition from an embodied multimodal perspective, in particular auditory space. My work has explored two main mediums: sound (from orchestral composition to digital signal processing and virtual spaces), and virtual reality (as a way for understanding perceptual contingencies, emotional bonding, and as a medium of expression); having done consultancy, lectures and many projects using these media.

    I’m currently a member and co-founder of BeAnotherLab, an anti-disciplinary group dedicated to understanding and building empathy through communicating and understanding subjective experience; the group is also interested in the merging of the self and creating new models for group collaboration. I’m also founder of the Center for Independent Studies, an initiative that aims at promoting independent scientific research based in Mexico City. I have been lecturer in multiple academic institutions. My endeavours have been supported and awarded by international institutions as well a presented in various places throughout the globe, including MIT, Ars Electronica, MACBA, Node forum for Digital Arts, IDFA, Tribeca Film Festival, Tsonami Festival, Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, between many others. Here you may download a more complete resume of my work.

        In this site, you can see a bit of my work, hopefully have some personal insights and also start a conversation with me. Please feel welcome to explore or get in touch ;)

marte roel - 2014